Meet jay


I'm Jose Garcia, but you can call me Jay. I'm a photographer on the move, constantly seeking to immortalize breathtaking moments and embrace new adventures. My photography style is centered around candid shots, as I believe authenticity is the essence we value most. That said, I'm not averse to capturing posed images.

My passion knows no bounds, and I am committed to personal and creative growth. Rest assured, my work ethic is unmatched which is reflected in my rates, underscoring the dedication and effort I consistently invest in my clients. Let's chat about what you want to capture – I'm eager to bring your vision to life!

Meet Hilda

Hi there!

I'm Hilda, a passionate photographer hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Behind the lens, I capture more than just images; I immortalize moments, emotions, and stories. With a keen eye for romance, I find inspiration in the subtle nuances of light and shadow, translating them into captivating visual narratives. When I'm not framing shots, you'll likely find me basking in the golden glow of the beach, where I draw endless inspiration for my work. While I may come off as a bit awkward at first, don't let that fool you—behind the lens, my creativity knows no bounds—I'm constantly seeking out new landscapes and experiences to document through my lens, both within California and beyond. And of course, I'm never without my faithful companion, Apollo my Siberian Husky, who adds an extra touch of charm to my life. Join me on my photographic journey as we explore the world's beauty one click at a time.

Captured by Hilda

Captured by Hilda

Captured by Hilda

Captured by Hilda


“Jay's positive attitude and clear communication actually aided in everyone having a great time, which was helpful because our shoot doubled as a social event.

Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more complete photography service, especially for such a fair price.
We highly recommend New Ending Productions, just please don't book them on the dates that we need them!"”

“I had a major branding shoot planned and needed a photographer I could trust to really capture my vision. After going through dozens of portfolios, I knew right away I was going to hire Jay. His eye for angles and his editing skills are key in the magic he creates. He was respectful of all the models, gave direction when needed but also let the models have fun with posing. It was a long shoot but Jay was awesome throughout. I got my photos and videos back and I’m completely obsessed”