In 2023, I had the chance to travel with the Dream Team on the "Small Town Big Dreams" tour. Below, you'll find a brief preview of the captured moments throughout the tour as well as a glimpse into my continued collaboration with Charlie Rocket.

I am currently working with Ruben Rojas, a versatile artist who skillfully transforms cultures and urban landscapes into inspiring canvases of hope and change. While I'm unable to unveil the complete scope of our ongoing projects, you can catch glimpses of some shared stills below, that have also been shared on his social media platforms.

In 2024, I made the decision to become part of the esteemed Speakeasy Fitness team, a leading gym headquartered in Los Angeles, boasting multiple branches across LA, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Pasadena, and Sylmar. Assuming the pivotal role of Social Media Coordinator, I draw upon my extensive background in photography, videography, and content development to amplify their digital presence and oversee their influencer outreach program. Below, you'll find a selection of the compelling visual assets and engaging content I've crafted for the brand.

If you're seeking someone to craft content perfectly suited for social media, your search ends here, as I specialize in both photo and video.

Inspire greatness

Charlie rocket x tcl

Tour Update 1

For the Love

Behind the scenes filmed and edited by Jay

JBladezzz Reel

Short reel created for a local barber


$1 Today Promo